My name is Beata, you might know me as Tokichi (and some different nicknames), but please call me by my real name even if we don't know each other.
I am hella asexual and aromantic girl from Poland who doesn't speak English very well. Honestly Im not even fluent in my own language. Of course if you want to talk to me in English I will reply, but I can't guarantee you there won't be any grammar mistakes. Also warning before you try to talk to me: I really like dark humour, I swear a lot and remember that my opinion is usually incredibly controversial. I don't want to sound like a edgy kid who thinks they are cool high IQ yandere or someshit, I am just warning senstive people.
I don't know what to say more so here is some things Im currently interested in:
History (I especially like talking about World War II in Europe, I am a fucking communist wehraboo), Devilman, Deresute (NaoP, Triad PrimusP and TokikoP), Bandori (huge Sayo and Roselia fan), Danganronpa, Overwatch (D.Va main).
For some reason I love villians and mentally ill characters, I feel like they are always the most interesting.

List of favorite characters

Not in order though
-Junko Enoshima
-Homura Akemi
-Rei Ayanami
-Enma Ai
-Diana Cavendish
-Beatrice (Umineko)
-Harime Nui
-Himiko Toga
-Moge-ko and Mikotsuhime (Funamusea works)
-Nao Kamiya/Frederica Miyamoto
-Sayo Hikawa
-Catherine Ward/Cathy (Satsuriku no tenshi)
-Magane Chikujoin
-Ikishima Midari
-Stocking Anarchy
-Iwakura Lain
-Maki Nishikino and Yoshiko Tsushima
-Oumae Kumiko

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