My name is Beata, you might know me as Tokichi (and some different nicknames), but please call me by my real name even if we don't know each other.
I am a girl (I use she/her pronouns) from Poland who doesn't speak English very well. Honestly Im not even fluent in my own language. Of course if you want to talk to me in English I will reply, but I can't guarantee you there won't be any grammar mistakes. Also warning before you try to talk to me: I really like dark humour, I swear a lot and remember that my opinion is usually incredibly controversial. I don't want to sound like a edgy kid who thinks they are cool high IQ yandere or someshit, I am just warning senstive people.
I don't know what to say more so here is some things Im currently interested in:
History (I especially like talking about World War II in Europe, I am a fucking communist wehraboo), Devilman, Love Live, Bandori, Danganronpa, Overwatch (D.Va main). My favorite non-anime series are Wayward Pines and Stranger Things, those shows are very special for me.
For some reason I love villians and mentally ill characters, I feel like they are always the most interesting.
Please don't recommend me any romance anime/movies, I deeply hate this genere.

List of favorite characters

-Ryo Asuka
-Junko Enoshima
Rest is not in order.
-Homura Akemi
-Rei Ayanami
-Enma Ai
-Diana Cavendish
-Beatrice (Umineko)
-Harime Nui
-Himiko Toga
-Moge-ko and Mikotsuhime (Funamusea works)
-Kaede Takagaki
-Sayo Hikawa
-Catherine Ward/Cathy (Satsuriku no tenshi)
-Maki Nishikino and Yoshiko Tsushima
-Koko Hekmatyar
-Sheryl Nome

( Made with Carrd )